On-Going Projects

We have worked on multiple education project by developing partnerships with local and regional institutions. Some of the examples are as follows:

  • We work on building cross-cultural relationships between the US, Pakistani and Indian students to develop global digital citizenship skills. Idea behind this project is to learn about issues of common interest in various regions of the world through developing globa partnership. Our current project incorporates a Hindi and Urdu language program that was done in partnership with Saint Anthony’s School of Lahore, Pakistan and Mayoor School of Ajmer, India with Startalk Hindi-Urdu language program at Kean University, New Jersey.
  • We also identify youth leaders and recommend them for various programs. Some of the students from various parts of Pakistan including Swat, Lahore, Baluchistan etc have been recommended for a UNESCO based online coursework.
  • We also identify students with outstanding academic skills and provide them scholarship on need basis.

Project at Hand

We have identified locations in Islampura, Swat where an all girls middle school is established. Classes began in August 2014 and 60 girls are enrolled who are getting free education. School will be expanded to 120 girls in next April.

We are aiming to build all girls middle and high schools at Bahrain region of Swat, Pakistan as a collaborative project with IBT – Idara Bara-e-Taleem-o-Tarraqi, a local NGO working for the improvement of education and for improving society.